Company with Extensive Industry Experience

Management Profiles


Jon Byrnes

Managing Director

Jon owned the business over 10 years ago, sold it and has now bought it back.

James Casswell

Operations Manager

Safe Access Solutions | Ausscaff

** Scaffold/Safe Access Solutions

Over 20 Years industry experience


Glenn Brown

Operations Manager

Protective Coatings | Au

** Abrasive Blasting and Paint

Over 30 Years industry experience

Russel Counsell
Operations Manager
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

Russel has worked in the Mining & Scaffolding industry for in excess of 12 years with the majority of his time being based at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal.

As a Site Manager, Russel’s role consists of providing access solutions for complex requirements and minimising client infrastructure downtime through challenging the norm, be it through having scaffold in situ whilst the plant remains in service or pre-building sections to reduce outage requirements.

Managing a crew of over 60 employees, Russel ensures his workforce maintain a safety focused and production orientated service at all times. 

Russel Counsell

Our History

We are a company with extensive industry experience with a reputation for reliable service. We service minor and major projects in the areas of Abrasive Blasting, Protective Coatings, Scaffold and Rigging, Industrial Wear Packages, High Pressure Water Blasting and more.

We have serviced a wide range of industries around the Mackay and the Bowen Basin areas. Areas such as Residential, Commercial, Mining, On and Off-Shore Environments, Heavy Industry and Ports. We have also serviced these industries during major shutdown periods.

Our people are our most valuable asset

At Ausgroup we pride ourselves being able to inspire the best from our people by setting high expectations to deliver the highest standards to our clients